• Designing Men

Three watermen and the rides they designed…

@marcus_brown_ - HO Freeride water ski
Mike Murphy - Sky Ski High Performance Hydrofoil
Tony Klarich - HO Joker kneeboard

That’s a wrap of the So Cal interviews for the Murphy-Klarich towed watersports documentary.
@marcus_brown and @colin_switzer will be busy storytelling and editing over the next couple of months. Can’t wait to see the finished product…

#watermen #kneeboard #hydrofoil #waterski #HOJoker #HOFreeride
  • Uncle Mike and I with our last round of interviews for the upcoming family documentary in towed watersports! A film by @marcus_brown_ 
#waterman #waterskiing #hydrofoiling #kneeboarding
  • Tanya Klarich & stopped by Lake City, MN, the birthplace of water skiing - holding a replica pair of RWS Ralph Samuelson's original skis. Think Tank tomorrow! #waterskiing #lifeofawaterskier #waterskiinghistory
  • Two-dog wake surfing with Jack and Macy. 
#dogandtonyshow #itsadogslife #waterskidisk #waterski
  • No ski! No problem! My wife and spent an amazing half-day skiing and exploring with Vis Sea Adventures @visadventure . I found a promising woodpile for a little fun! 
#skionanthing #otokvis #visisland
  • Going Bigger
Headed to uncle Mike Murphy’s this morning to see if we can get his new “world’s tallest foil” to fly…
#worldrecord #hydrofoil #waterskiing
  • 215’ Throw & Catch

The Baller Goes Hard!

throw: @_reedbull

video: @haiden_majher47 
Full edit on YouTube, search: “The Baller, water ski, record” 
#TheBaller #waterkiing #record
  • #TheBaller coming in hot after a record setting catch. Full edit video on YouTube now.
#theballergoeshard #waterskiing #lifeonthewater
  • Hand Skiing?
Michael Temby on the low down with his self-designed freeboard - a single ski with no bindings. I saw a video of Michael doing tricks on his board that I never knew were possible. He inspired me to grab a freeboard too and learn some new moves. It's one of my favorite rides!
#freeboard #bodyslide #waterski

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