• Tanya Klarich & stopped by Lake City, MN, the birthplace of water skiing - holding a replica pair of RWS Ralph Samuelson's original skis. Think Tank tomorrow! #waterskiing #lifeofawaterskier #waterskiinghistory
  • Two-dog wake surfing with Jack and Macy. 
#dogandtonyshow #itsadogslife #waterskidisk #waterski
  • No ski! No problem! My wife and spent an amazing half-day skiing and exploring with Vis Sea Adventures @visadventure . I found a promising woodpile for a little fun! 
#skionanthing #otokvis #visisland
  • Going Bigger
Headed to uncle Mike Murphy’s this morning to see if we can get his new “world’s tallest foil” to fly…
#worldrecord #hydrofoil #waterskiing
  • 215’ Throw & Catch

The Baller Goes Hard!

throw: @_reedbull

video: @haiden_majher47 
Full edit on YouTube, search: “The Baller, water ski, record” 
#TheBaller #waterkiing #record
  • #TheBaller coming in hot after a record setting catch. Full edit video on YouTube now.
#theballergoeshard #waterskiing #lifeonthewater
  • Hand Skiing?
Michael Temby on the low down with his self-designed freeboard - a single ski with no bindings. I saw a video of Michael doing tricks on his board that I never knew were possible. He inspired me to grab a freeboard too and learn some new moves. It's one of my favorite rides!
#freeboard #bodyslide #waterski
  • Blowing bubbles! #bubblering
  • Bucket List Activity x2

i got to hydrofoil behind the T-Mobile blimp! Along the way I did 9 flips on my hydrofoil which was good enough for a pending Guinness World Record (they had a Guinness judge in site). The test team several records in multiples of 9 to promo the upcoming release of the Samsung Galaxy 9 this week. What a ride!

#waterskiing #hydrofoiling #upupandaway

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Free Water Ski Photos: Vertical Air Mule Kick

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Tony Klarich “Mule Kick” on a Vertical Air.

Big River on the Colorado River. 1989

Photo: Rick Doyle

Tony Klarich was the driving force in hot dog water skiing for over a decade from 1983-1995. He learned from his uncle, Mike Murphy, who is considered to be the father of the sport in the 1970s.

Klarich invented more than two dozen new moves on the ski including the front flip, helicopter dock start, side slide, and tick tock toe. The sport reached it popularity in the late 1980s, and skis designed specifically for hot dogging were released. While this made it easier for the general skiing population, Klarich preferred the speed and technicality of a longer ski, and switched back to a 67″ inch standard slalom ski in mid 1990s.


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