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2013 was a great year on the water. Klarich started serious training for the “50 for 50” that will take place in Southern California in 2015. That will be 50 different water ski rides in one day to celebrate his 50th birthday.  It been all about experimenting with new ways to ride, and discovering unique ways to capture all the action.

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Top 10 All-Time Ski Rides

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Water Skiing & Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) / Concussions

170925 Water Ski Jumping Long Dive Brain Scan Slalom Crash CTE Encephalopathy


History of Wakeboarding Timeline

140805 History of Wakeboarding TImeline Finn Perez Skurfer Hyperlite McSki



Classic Ride

Sometimes the simplest ride can make an epic shot. This is already one of my all-time favorites!

This pair of vintage Cypress Gardens skis is on loan from long time friend Dr. Terry Weyman @drterryw. His dad did some film work at Cypress Gardens back in the 60s, and this pair of “Aqua King” skis was a gift from the man himself: Dick Pope, Sr.

I’ve always been inspired by the amazing water skiing photography of Dick Pope, Sr at the Gardens, and have wanted to do some updated recreations of his timeless work. Stay tuned…

14 Cypress Gardens Aqua King Ski West Klarich




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In 1991 Klarich and his uncle Mike Murphy were featured in Sports Illustrated.

Read about this and more in Tony’s Timeline with dozens of classic photos and videos.

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