• New Lines. Cutting up a new rope idea at Mike Macks ski shop on the Colorado River #ROYrope #wakesurfing #waterskiing #wakeboarding #hydrofoilng #barefooting #kneeboarding #freeboarding
  • Flipped Over TBT 2004 
The slalom ski front flip was my breakthrough move in skiing starting in 1984. After 20 years of perfuming this body-jarring move on cue, I decided it was time to hang it up in favor of saving my body. This final flip was performed behind the @CaliforniaSkier Mastercraft @mcboatcompany provided by Chuck Sacks at the 40-40-400 on Canyon Lake. 
See full edit on web video search “klarich slalom front flip” 
Song: Stormflowers @k2klarich 
#slalom #ski #frontflip
  • Summer Solstice Swerving! 
I’ve got dozens of high quality like this available for free use right now at 
#creativecommons #freephotos #slalomski
  • Seth Frase @terry_waterhouse gunning for the Mariner in the Universal Studios Waterworld Show, Japan. Seth and I were teammates on the 2016 @USAWaterSkiShowTeam , and this dude  is an amazing all around waterman! 
It turns out that show skiers make excellent stunt men! Learn more at @action_horizons_stunts or 
#waterworld #showskiing #makefreestylegreatagain
  • How many riders can you name in this 1990 Pro Tour commercial? 
#glorydays #michelobdry #waterskiprotour #ESPN
  • Submarine Start
Aussie speed skier Ben Gully does more than go fast. He’s on the down low for this unique start on a Maha Sport Disk. 
The Aussies do amazing things on these disks including wake-to-wake jumps! 
Song: Cut and Run 
#maha #waterskidisk #waterskiing
  • Back Again

I am often asked how to get up backwards on a slalom ski. My stock response is to try it at least 100x and get back to me. For those who really want to know how. I’ve made quite a few instructional videos and blog posts. Search “klarich backwards start slalom ski”

driver: @lkwdmorris

#verticalair #hotdogging #ilovethe90s
  • Single Doubles

Tag a friend you’d like to do this with!

While running through the family film archive for an upcoming documentary, I saw lots of “single doubles” from my uncle Mike Murphy while he worked at the Marine World ski show in the 1970s. Time to bring it back and see how far it can go…

Photo: @mikeclary

#slalomski #shoulderride #showskiing
  • Wild Water 
Somewhere very deep in shortline slalom, JT @jon_travers comes off the 6 ball and heads for the exit gates.

I was fortunate to spend the last couple of days shooting product videos with team HO including @willasher @the_zack_worden @marcus_brown_ @jmommer2 @jaimee_bull @noodleba @allienicholson

It was great to get reconnected and I look forward to more adventures in water skiing with Team HO @hoskis .., #shortline #slalom #waterskiing

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Timeline 1991-Current

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Tony’s Timeline: 1969-1990


1991: Sports Illustrated does a feature story on Mike and Tony.

Klarich Murphy Water Skiing Hot Dog Hydrofoil Sports Illustrated

Click to Read Feature Story in Sports Illustrated


1991 & 1994: Rick Doyle puts together some of the first CD collections of watersports photos available for royalty free use. Photos of Klarich show up on an Orange Julius poster, Valentine’s Day Cards, a Ron Jon Billboard in Florida, and more.

Klarich Water Skiing Kneeboarding Stock Photos CD Rick Doyle3



1993: Klarich designs the Joker for HO. It goes on to become the top selling compression molded kneeboard of all time.

Klarich water ski kneeboarding HO Joker Ad



1992-1994: After his uncle Mike Murphy co-invents the Air Chair in 1989, Klarich finally jumps on board. Klarich is the first to perform the front roll (1992), Skidder (1993), Air Wrapped 360 (1993), air gainer (1994), and combo roll (1994). He goes on to invent dozens more moves that become standard in the sport. (Story: “Hydrofoiling Milestones” in Flight 2.3)

Klarich Air Chair Gainer 360 helicopter Water Skiing tricks



1995: Tony and uncle Mike go back and forth extending the consecutive flip record in one ride without a fall. Murphy: 150 on a fun run. Klarich: 253 when challenged by Mike to do 100 more. Murphy: 708 showing his nephew who is the king of consecutive flips.

Murphy Klarich Hydrofoil flip world record water skiing



1996: Klarich wins top honors in the Master’s division of the WWA (World Wakeboard Association) U.S. Nationals and Worlds.

Klarich Lavelle Murray Hyperlite World Wakeboard Champions



1997: “Hyperlite Boarding School” instructional videos. Klarich acts as director, videographer, and writer of this popular series of “how-to” wakeboarding videos.

Hyperlite Boarding School Wakeboarding Dean Lavelle Shaun Murray

Click for “Boarding School” Video Playlist

Top 10 Wakeboarding Acheivements


1997-2001: Klarich publishes and designs 16 quarterly issues of a hydrofoiling newsletter documenting the development of the sport.

Flight WOrlds Hydrofoiling Newletter Water Skiing Sandy Bertha

All 16 Issues Available Now for Free Download


1998- 2008: Klarich joins a team of international watersports performers putting on a series of shows from Moscow to Monaco. The series of about 10 shows is most often in conjunction with jet ski Nationals and Worlds, and is paid for by Vladimir Potanin, one of the richest men in the world.

Ski Show Moscow World Champ Nastia Jet Ski Dean Lavelle Wakeboard


1999: WaterSki magazine names Klarich as top hydrofoiler alongside other “masters of the wide world of water sports” such as Andy Mapple (slalom), Shaun Murray (wakeboarding), Ron Scarpa (barefooting) and Cory Pickos (trick skiing). Klarich is also tapped as top tuber after completing the Catalina Ski Race on a tube in just over 2 hours. That’s 52 miles of racing in open-ocean with scores of other racers.

Klarich Tube Sky Ski Water Ski Magazine best of 1999


Flight Worlds 2000 is a $100,000 event hosted by Klarich and Chuck Sacks of California Skier. The extreme event, televised on ESPN and ESPN2, combines the world’s best hydrofoilers with wakeboarding, and freestyle motocross from the Metal Mulisha.Flight Worlds 2000 Hydrofoiling Wakeboarding FMX

Flight Worlds on ESPN

Banana George Thrills all at Flight Worlds


1987-2002: With control of his own with photos, Klarich hustles to get hundreds of pages of editorial coverage in watersports magazines around the world.

Klarich Water Skiing Covers Kneeboarding Joker Slalom


2004:  Mastercraft 40-40-400. It all started as a birthday stunt. Tony’s grandmother Mary Murphy rode her hydrofoil across open ocean to Catalina Island at age 79. For the next 8 years she rode there and back – 52 miles dodging sharks and dolphins – to celebrate each birthday in her 80s. When it came time for Tony’s 40th, he decided to do a ski challenge too, just like grandma. So he set out to ride 40 miles on 40 different things and did 400 tricks, all in one day.

Mary Murphy Sky Ski Catalina Water Ski



MasterCraft 40-40-400 HIghlights

MasterCraft 40-40-400 Video Playlist on YouTube


2008: Klarich produces, directs, edits, and writes the script for his uncle’s life story in water skiing. The 35-minute biopic tells the story of one of the greatest all around watermen ever to strap on a binding. The DVD is produced to share with the American Water Ski Educational Federation in an attempt to get Mike into the Water Ski Hall of Fame. Soon after Mike Murphy receives the “Award of Distinction” for his “extraordinary contributions” to the sport.

Mike Murphy Wheaties Champion Hydrofoil Barefoot Big Air

“Mike Murphy: A Water Skier’s Life” Video Playlist on YouTube

 Click to Read Feature Story in Nissan Discovery Magazine “Hot Dog Water Skiing”


2010: Klarich releases “Adventures in Water Skiing: Part 1, Hot Dogging” that documents the history of the sport. The in depth book uses scores of photos and links to classic videos to bring the story to life. The electronic book is available for free download for anyone to enjoy. Klarich follows “Hot Dogging” with “Kneeboarding” and “Hydrofoiling”. With personal experiences, interviews, and extensive documentation, the series has come to be the definitive history for each discipline.

Tony Klarich Adventures in Water Skiing Hot Dogging Kneeboarding Hydrofoiling

Available Now for Free Download as MS Word Documents

Adventures in Kneeboarding (each chapter as an individual blog post)

Adventures in Hydrofoiling (each chapter as an individual blog post)


2010: Klarich begins a concerted effort to post quality water ski content on YouTube, much of it centering on history and instruction. Many of Klarich’s videos are linked to his “Adventures in Water Skiing” series. Readers can learn about a particular milestone in the sport, then instantly click to watch a related video.


2011: While searching the net for royalty free music to use for his YouTube videos, Klarich stumbles across musicians giving away songs to use for free via a Creative Commons 3.0 license. The thought that strangers would give away content for free inspires Klarich to do the same with his extensive collection of water skiing images spanning more than 3 decades.

Creative Commons Royalty Free Water Skiing

Click to View the Entire Collection of Free Royalty Free Photos 



2011: Klarich starts CrossFitting to prepare his mind and body for 50 different rides in one day (50 for 50). The training is a physical and mental boost. A short time later he is featured on the home page as the photo of the day.

CrossFit Mainsite Klarich Gainer



2013: Klarich become a website developer for his uncle Mike. documents Mike’s life in skiing in a way rarely seen in skiing, even with well-known riders. Klarich continues with to promote his uncle’s reentry into the hydrofoiling business.

Mike Murphy Water Skiing History



2013: Time off from riding, and increased physical abilities from CrossFit invigorate Klarich. He begins training for his “50 for 50” in earnest. He continues to explore new ways to ride and finds new angles to capture all the action.

Tony Klarich GoPro Best Wakeboard Slalom Water Skiing Disc Ladder Suitcase


2014: Klarich begins blogging at, covering the history of towed watersports and much more.

History of Wakeboarding Timeline

140805 History of Wakeboarding TImeline Finn Perez Skurfer Hyperlite McSki

Water Skiing and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy CTE

cte and water skiing chronic traumatic encephalopathy


2014: As Tony prepares for his “50 for 50” he posts many of his unique rides @waterskierslife on Instagram with great success.

waterskierslife instagram tony klarich


Top 10 Instagram Photos from 2013

Top 10 Instagram Photos from 2014


2014: Tony Klarich named to the Wakeboarding Hall of Fame (WHOF) founding Board of Directors.

WHOF wakeboarding hall of fame logoon Facebook

tony klarich wakeboarding hall of fame board of directors WHOF


2014: Tony and his uncle Mike Murphy  produce a series of 24 free videos on how to hydrofoil.

next foils by mike murphy how to ride playlist


After falling in love with the HO Freeride, Klarich recaptures long lost tricks on a slalom ski, include the 720 tick tock landing (watch the video)


2015: Klarich named to HO Legends Team along side Bob LaPoint and Wade Cox.

ho legends bob lapoint wade cox tony klarich

tony klarich front flip on slalom water ski HO sports



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