Free Water Ski Photos: GoPro STYLE HELMET-CAM ROLL

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Tony Klarich

Parker Strip of the Colorado River, 1988

Photo: Rick Doyle


In 1988 Klarich surf photographer Rick Doyle. He adapted his surf gear for some of the first helmet cam shots in water skiing (16 years before the first GoPro was sold). This rig was a genuine Chargers helmet with about 15 pounds of camera gear mounted inside 2 counter-balanced water housings. Doyle used a remote from the boat to take each shot, a roll of 36 before the whole thing had to be taken apart bolt by bolt and reloaded with film.


This style of shot was brand new in skiing and the resulting pics garnered 2 covers, numerous full-page ads, and a feature story in Photographic magazine.


Click for More on the Helmet and Ski-Cam


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