• 3-2-1… 
The countdown is on to editing for the @CaliforniaSkier 50 for 50 Event Video! I can’t wait to work with the amazing video shot by @Marcus_Brown_ @GregsWorld and the rest of the crew. Editing by Jordan Gravatt @TattooedMedia. We are looking forward to telling a story that inspires people to set goals and get fit to reach them! 
Photos @MikeClary #mike_boettger 
#CaliforniaSkier50for50 #CrossFitMasters #fitat50 #ageisjustanumber #skionanything
  • First for Good Reason: 1983 
Throwing it back to my first big video appearance for O’Brien Skis. I still remember walking into the LA Boat show in ’83 and having this video playing at the @ObrienWatersports booth. It was my first taste of the “big time,” appearing alongside Camille Duvalle, Andy Mapple, and many other skiing greats. 
I’ve posted the entire video to YouTube…
Search “O’Brien first for good reason”

It’s the final stages digging up old footage for pre-production of the 50 for 50 feature video with Jordan Gravatt @tattooedmedia 
#obrienwatersports #slalomski #hotdogging
  • Back to the Future

After seeing a classic shot of a similar move from the 1950s (see B&W pic about 50 posts back in my feed), I am inspired to see where this can go. This was our proof of concept ride that let us know it is not only possible, but can be taken to a whole new level with the right gear and riders.

Photo @MikeClary

I would ❤️ to hear from anyone who has experience with this act.

#bartrios #showskiing #waterski
  • Fall Guy

Everybody falls in life. It's how you react that determines character. I've gotten back up 200,000+ times, remembering my grandma Murphy's wise council, "if you don't fall you don't learn anything." #falldowngetup #RADdisk #diskandladder #crossfitmasters
  • Radar Lake is one of my all time favorite places to ski. So much history. #ThanksHerb
  • Air Chair 180  TBT: 1993 
I went 2 for 120 on this move, and here’s one of ‘em. Still not sure how this one is even possible… 
#hydrofoil #ticktock #foilingaround
  • Macy, dog 
Meet Macy…50% Pomeranian, and 50% Australian Shepherd-Cattle Dog who is training to become a world class skier! Macy has put in her time dryland, learning cool moves like the 360, reverse 360, bodyslide, and tumbleturn. She is just now starting to get her paws wet, and has already had a boatload of fans clapping, cheering, and snapping photos as she rode by. Stay tuned for more canine capers! 
#dogandtonyshow #itsadogslife #HORAD
  • Joy is often found in sharing the thrill! 
#firsttime #shoulderride #waterskiing
  • Top Dog 
Jack and Doug stole the show at Kid’s Day earlier this month. This is the second year my team has participated by putting on a ski show during the lunch break. This year @csrchildrensfoundation Kid’s Day towed and gave boats rides to 800 mentally and physically challenged children! 
More info: 
photo @rudd.justin 
#itsadogslife #showskiing #diskandladder

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Sponsorship 2017-04-21T22:41:07+00:00

Updated 1-11-14

Dear Sponsors,


Thanks for your interest in the “50 for 50”, a non-profit event benefitting Boys Town California.

I am now seeking SPONSORS to partner in my unique journey leading up to the big day: 50 rides on 50 different things to celebrate turning 50 years old. MILLIONS of impressions have already been generated on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, my website, and more. I am seeking not only industry sponsors, but also health and fitness companies.

WHY SPONSOR? Unique water skiing event = plenty of traditional coverage. But I’m planning on going bigger! I’ll use all my tricks of the trade from 30 years in marketing and promotions to try and extend this event to the mainstream. I will be using every avenue possible (details below):



TITLE Sponsor (1) – Headline Branding with All Promotions. I am looking for a strategic title sponsor to help take this event to the next level!

PARTNER Sponsor (3-5) – Prominent Placement with All Promotions.       Body Glove, Radar Skis, Boat Company, CrossFit? –

SUPPORTING Sponsor – Featured Placement with Most Promotions

T-SHIRT Sponsor – Pay for144 shirts – your logo featured on sleeve.

Want to Sponsor One of the 50 Rides? Let’s Talk!


Sponsor Benefits (tailored to level of sponsorship)

20-50 New YouTube Videos leading up to the Event

Dozens of new photos riding new objects, experimenting with camera angles, and select product placement.

Product placement in photos and videos leading up to event for select sponsors

Featured press coverage in trade magazines

Direct links to your business on (I personally do the web design so changes and updates are quick and easy)

Multiple clickable links / shoutouts on Instagram and Facebook

Event T-Shirts

Event Video


Social Media: Instagram, YouTube, Facebook & others

Traditional Media: press releases and feature stories in watersports magazines, regional newspapers, etc.

Video features with sponsors released through their media channels

Video: I will personally be hiring professional photographers and videographers to document the event. Sponsors will be able to use images from the event for their own promotions.



Creative Commons: I will be making many of the images generated from this event available for Free Royalty Free use under a Creative Commons 3.0 license. That means people get to use them for commercial and personal use, and that the images will have a much better chance of being seen and used for a long time.

Documentary: I believe this journey would be an excellent topic for a documentary. I will be soliciting local film schools, and my contacts in the industry to find someone to capture this journey.

I will be sending out dozens of press releases to



Title(1), Partner(5-7), T-Shirt (1), Supporting, Individual Rides



Let’s lock this up as soon as possible to create the event logo and start using it immediately! This means more coverage in the many months leading up to the event.

“Cost” $5000 or equivalent

This single title sponsor will receive headline branding with the event.

Title sponsor will be worked directly into the event logo.

VIDEOS (20-50) Branding on all event related videos between now and then. I will create additional videos featuring your product.

Headline clickable links on all social media posts: “Title Sponsor 50 for 50” Sponsors: list of sponsors in descending order with clickable links


PLUS all the other standards that come with traditional sponsorship. Prominent banner on site, social media, website, etc




Key Partners Integral to the Presentation and Completion of This Event

“Cost”: Substantial donations in kind and featured cross-promotions, support on day of event

Body Glove, Radar Skis, wanted: Boat Company (seeking use of promo boat until event), wanted: CrossFit, wanted Baby Boomer demographic

VIDEOS (20-50) Prominent placement with logo on all event related videos between now and then

Prominent clickable links on all social media posts: “Title Sponsor 50 for 50 Sponsors: list of sponsors in descending order with clickable links




“Cost”: Donations in kind and cross promotions

CrossFit by Overload

Clickable links on most social media posts: “Title Sponsor 50 for 50 Sponsors: list of sponsors in descending order with clickable links

Clickable Link on

Social Media: Multiple Posts featuring your product

Additional individual promotions tailored to your needs and level of commitment. For example, a video testimonial, photos with your product, etc.




1 Available

Cost: 12 dozen event shirts

Your logo featured on sleeve

Choose to use as an advertising expense or as a tax deduction through Boys Town California.

4-dozen t-shirts will be given to event volunteers & sponsors; the rest will be sold for $20, where all $20 will be donated to Boys Town California.

T-Shirt Sponsor also receives all benefits of Supporting Sponsor level.

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