• Flipped Over TBT 2004 
The slalom ski front flip was my breakthrough move in skiing starting in 1984. After 20 years of perfuming this body-jarring move on cue, I decided it was time to hang it up in favor of saving my body. This final flip was performed behind the @CaliforniaSkier Mastercraft @mcboatcompany provided by Chuck Sacks at the 40-40-400 on Canyon Lake. 
See full edit on web video search “klarich slalom front flip” 
Song: Stormflowers @k2klarich 
#slalom #ski #frontflip
  • Summer Solstice Swerving! 
I’ve got dozens of high quality like this available for free use right now at 
#creativecommons #freephotos #slalomski
  • Seth Frase @terry_waterhouse gunning for the Mariner in the Universal Studios Waterworld Show, Japan. Seth and I were teammates on the 2016 @USAWaterSkiShowTeam , and this dude  is an amazing all around waterman! 
It turns out that show skiers make excellent stunt men! Learn more at @action_horizons_stunts or 
#waterworld #showskiing #makefreestylegreatagain
  • How many riders can you name in this 1990 Pro Tour commercial? 
#glorydays #michelobdry #waterskiprotour #ESPN
  • Submarine Start
Aussie speed skier Ben Gully does more than go fast. He’s on the down low for this unique start on a Maha Sport Disk. 
The Aussies do amazing things on these disks including wake-to-wake jumps! 
Song: Cut and Run 
#maha #waterskidisk #waterskiing
  • Back Again

I am often asked how to get up backwards on a slalom ski. My stock response is to try it at least 100x and get back to me. For those who really want to know how. I’ve made quite a few instructional videos and blog posts. Search “klarich backwards start slalom ski”

driver: @lkwdmorris

#verticalair #hotdogging #ilovethe90s
  • Single Doubles

Tag a friend you’d like to do this with!

While running through the family film archive for an upcoming documentary, I saw lots of “single doubles” from my uncle Mike Murphy while he worked at the Marine World ski show in the 1970s. Time to bring it back and see how far it can go…

Photo: @mikeclary

#slalomski #shoulderride #showskiing
  • Wild Water 
Somewhere very deep in shortline slalom, JT @jon_travers comes off the 6 ball and heads for the exit gates.

I was fortunate to spend the last couple of days shooting product videos with team HO including @willasher @the_zack_worden @marcus_brown_ @jmommer2 @jaimee_bull @noodleba @allienicholson

It was great to get reconnected and I look forward to more adventures in water skiing with Team HO @hoskis .., #shortline #slalom #waterskiing
  • 3  HoT Dog Moves from 1992

My boy Ronny Gayman busts out 3 big moves on his Connelly F44 Craze
1. Ski over the line (High Wire)
2. Whip Tick
3 Front Roll

It was a great time for hot dog skiing... #hotdog #waterskiing #connellyskis

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