• Slow Crow
Wakesurfing meets wakeboarding as  @tfred_ goes inverted with a 15 foot line at 11mph.

Wake courtesy @suncountrymarine

#wakeboarding #wakesurfing #hyperlitewake
  • Foiled Again

A couple of fun days figuring out this ride with uncle Mike Murphy, Mike Mack, and Dave O. 
Challenging, thrilling, and more than a bit edgy.

Photo: @pilates_stretch

#wakefoil #foilboard #wakesurfing
  • Freeboard!

One of my favorite rides last year was this red rider. My grandfather's vintage ski from the 1950s'
It's a low impact ride, but great for balance and working both right and left foot forward. 
I highly suggest it for any towed watersports lovers.

My "trick" list is over 10 strong including a backwards deep water start! More to come... #waterskiing #slalomski #watersports
  • In 1953 skiing Superstar Alfredo Mendoza took a similar photo which has since become a classic in water skiing circles and beyond. My recreation is a tribute to the man who was a one of the all-time best in our sport.
photo & edit @mikeclary 
#waterskiing #watersports #costumedwaterskiing @lifeofawaterskier
  • Foiling Around?
Not sure if this is a joke or not, but I would love to take these out for a ride!

#waterskiing #hydrofoiling #lifeonthewater #wakeboarding
  • Payoff!
Hitting center stage just before the pyramid landing at the Show Ski World Finals last week. What an amazing experience that I am so thankful for. 🏆🏅🇺🇸 #teamUSA #showskiing #waterskiing #starsandstrips #lifeonthewater #waterman #blessed
  • Going for Gold. Sept, 2016

It was such an honor to represent Team USA at the World Show Ski Championships. So much talent, so many new friends, and so many treasured memories to last for a lifetime!  Photo @carsyn_rose
#teamUSA #showskiing #waterskiing #hydrofoil #blessed
  • On the Table

Dryland test: table on disk.

It seemed like a pretty good idea after a couple of cocktails, but the owner had 2nd thoughts the next day. Looks like I'm on the search for the perfect table.

#mahasportdisk #waterskidisk #skionanything
  • Team Maha Disk

Fun times on the River with this crew. Loving my new Maha Sport Disk!

#mahasportdisk #skionanything #waterskidisk

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